Best Warm Compress Option

Many of my patients complain that “old school” hot towels get cold too fast. They are right. And it is a waste of water to stand with hot water running to do the “lid hygiene”, “warm/hot compress” routine properly. Below may be a better option. 

78.3% reported a symptomatic improvement with Blephasteam vs 45.5% with hot towel compresses. It’s also a lot easier and a lot less uncomfortable to do. The downside is the cost of the goggles + the continuous cost of the rings which you put in the goggles. 
The possible reason for the advantage of Blephasteam® over conventional warm towel is the more consistent delivery of heat over the time of application of the device. It is not clear if the use of moist heat in the Blephasteam® device is advantageous over dry heat

Blephasteam Goggles for Dry Eye by Spectrum Thea

Here is the full article. 
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