Cord Blood Serum and Eye Pain

Cord Blood Serum (CBS), also known as Umbilical cord blood serum (UCBS), has been a game-changer in treating chronic eye pain. We continue to be surprised on the effectiveness of CBS. While it is hard to obtain, it is worth a try to use this for eye pain that has not responded to other conventional treatments. 
CBS is collected after informed consent from mothers after vaginal or caesarean delivery. The screening of infectious disease, including hepatitis C and B, HIV, syphilis, and now COVID is performed before birth and then repeated to avoid the transmission of blood-borne diseases. Todate I could note find any report of infection after the use of CBS but an antibiotic drop is prescribed to be used once per day while using CBS. 
CBS has no preservatives and has a bacteriostatic effect due to the IgG, lysozyme, and complement it contains. To our knowledge, we have not seen (or seen published) any pain while use CBS, burning, nor allergy or negative reaction. 
CBS may be advantageous for patients in which autologous serum is not helpful. Some patients with autoimmune disease report less of an improvement with their own serum or Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)–possibly due to increased inflammatory mediators present in a patient’s serum compared to CBS. CBS contains more growth factors compared to other AS and PRP, with higher levels of Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF), Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF).
CBS eye drops have been used for years in the treatment of dry eye syndrome and eye pain issues as induces faster healing of nerves and persistent corneal epitelial defects refractory to other medical options, such as autologous serum.  
CBS is more effective compared to autologous serum in treating severe dry eye syndrome, particularly due to GVHD and Sjögren’s syndrome. CBS has been shown to increase goblet cell density in Sjogren Syndrome. CBS has helped in neurotrophic keratitis, persistent epithelial defects, chemical burns, GVHD, and even right after LASIK. 
Here are some references on the use of Cord Blood Serum. 


Randomized Controlled Trial


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In Vivo Confocal Microscopy Automated Morphometric Analysis of Corneal Subbasal Nerve Plexus in Patients With Dry Eye Treated With Different Sources of Homologous Serum Eye Drops



Purpose: To investigate the comparative effect of allogeneic peripheral blood serum (allo-PBS) and cord blood serum (CBS) eye drops on the status of the corneal subbasal nerve plexus in patients with dry eye disease by using an automated analysis system of in vivo confocal microscopy images.
Methods: This prospective, randomized, double-blind study included 30 patients with severe dry eye disease assigned to receive allo-PBS (group 1) or CBS (group 2) eye drops 8 times a day for 30 days. The following in vivo confocal microscopy parameters were calculated with ACCMetrics before (visit 1 [V1]) and after treatment (visit 2 [V2]): corneal nerve fiber density, corneal nerve branch density, corneal nerve fiber length, corneal nerve total branch density, corneal nerve fiber area, corneal nerve fiber width, and corneal nerve fractal dimension (CNFrD).
Results: In overall patients, the values of corneal nerve fiber density, corneal nerve fiber length, and CNFrD significantly increased, whereas the value of corneal nerve fiber width significantly decreased at V2 compared with V1 (respectively, 20.4 ± 7.9 vs. 17.4 ± 10.1 n/mm; 13.5 ± 4.0 vs. 12.0 ± 5.1 mm/mm; 1.466 ± 0.046 vs. 1.475 ± 0.033; and 0.022 ± 0.002 vs. 0.023 ± 0.002; all P < 0.05). In the subanalysis according to the treatment type, the increase of CNFrD value from V1 to V2 was higher in group 2 compared with group 1 (respectively, from 1.455 ± 0.041 to 1.471 ± 0.030 and from 1.479 ± 0.050 to 1.481 ± 0.035; P = 0.030).
Conclusions: Overall, both treatments significantly improved corneal subbasal nerve plexus parameters, and in particular, nerve density, length, width, and fractal dimension. Treatment with CBS eye drops was associated with a higher increase of CNFrD compared with allo-PBS.

Randomized Controlled Trial


2015 Jan;99(1):108-12.

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Comparative Role of 20% Cord Blood Serum and 20% Autologous Serum in Dry Eye Associated With Hansen’s Disease: A Tear Proteomic Study



Background: To compare the role of topically applied serum therapy with preservative-free artificial tear (AT) drops in patients with moderate to severe dry eye in Hansen’s disease along with change in tear protein profile.
Methods: 144 consecutive patients were randomly divided into three groups. After a baseline examination of clinical parameters, each of the patients received designated modality of topical therapy six times a day for 6 weeks. Post-treatment documentation of clinical parameters was done at 6 weeks, and then at 12 weeks after discontinuation of topical therapy. Analysis of three tear proteins using gel electrophoresis (sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) was done at baseline, at the first and second post-treatment visits.
Results: In the cord blood serum (CBS) group, except for McMonnies score and staining score, all other clinical parameters showed continued improvement in the first and second post-treatment analyses. In the autologous serum (ALS) group, all the clinical parameters except Schirmer’s I showed significant improvement in the first post-treatment analysis .This was sustained at a significant level in the second analysis except for tear film break-up time (TBUT) and conjunctival impression cytology grading. In the AT group, all the parameters improved at a non-significant level except for TBUT in the first analysis. In the next analysis, apart from McMonnies score and TBUT, other clinical parameters did not improve. In the ALS and CBS groups, tear lysozyme, lactoferrin levels improved in both post-treatment measurements (statistically insignificant).Total tear protein continued to increase at statistically significant levels in the first and second post-treatment analyses in the CBS group and at a statistically insignificant level in the ALS group. In the AT group, the three tear proteins continued to decrease in both the analyses.
Conclusions: In moderate to severe dry eye in Hansen’s disease, serum therapy in comparison with AT drops, improves clinical parameters and causes betterment in tear protein profile.

2017 Aug;56(4):595-604.

 doi: 10.1016/j.transci.2017.07.023. Epub 2017 Aug 8.

Blood Derived Eye Drops for the Treatment of Cornea and Ocular Surface Diseases



The use of blood derived eye drops for the treatment of ocular surface disorders has become increasingly popular in recent years. The mechanism of action is the stimulation of cellular proliferation and migration by supplying an active mixture of growth factors and cytokines at the ocular surface, thus mimicking the function of the lacking natural tears. Blood derived eye drops have been used in the last decades for the treatment of a variety of ocular surface diseases, including mainly dry eye disease, persistent corneal epithelial defect, corneal ulcer, ocular surface burn, recurrent corneal erosion and limbal stem-cell deficiency. Among overall blood derived eye drops, both autologous (from the patients themselves) and homologous (from donors) products exist, with different advantages and disadvantages. Autologous serum, obtained from the patient’s own peripheral blood, is the first introduced and most commonly used product. Despite several randomized clinical trials showed its safety and efficacy, a recent Cochraine meta-analysis failed to show significant results due to low evidence. Homologous sources including allogeneic serum obtained from healthy donors, and umbilical cord blood serum collected at the time of delivery, are efficient alternatives, especially when autologous serum therapy is contraindicated or not appropriate. Platelet-derived eye drops are prepared and used in various but poor standardized preparations, namely platelet-rich plasma, plasma rich in growth factors, and platelet lysate. Future perspectives of blood-derived products include the introduction of tailored eye drops, screened for the proper content of growth factors and cytokines according to each patient and ocular surface disease.
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Zoster is often followed by chronic pain (postherpetic neuralgia or PHN) as well as meningitis or meningoencephalitis, cerebellitis, isolated cranial nerve palsies that produce ophthalmoplegia or the Ramsay Hunt syndrome, multiple cranial nerve palsies (polyneuritis crania …



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Aline Pourcelet, Jean-Michel Hougardy, Pierre Defrance, Patrick Biston, Michael Piagnerelli P72 Blood volume monitoring is useful to predict intradialytic hypotension during intermittent hemodialysis Louis De Laforcade, Alexandre Boyer, Didier Gruson, Benjamin Clouzeau P73 …



Blood derived treatment from two allogeneic sources for severe dry eye associated to keratopathy: a multicentre randomised cross over clinical trial.

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AIM: To compare the efficacy of cord blood and peripheral adult donor blood serum eyedrops, controlled for growth factor content, in the treatment of severe dry eye diseases (DED) resistant to conventional therapy. …Sixty patients diagnosed as …



Epidemiologic and Clinical Characteristics of Optic Neuritis in Japan.

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The AQP4-Ab-positive group showed a high proportion of females, exhibited diverse visual field abnormalities, and demonstrated concurrent spinal cord lesions on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in 22% of the patients. In the MOG-Ab-positive group, although posttreatment vi …



Evaluation of umbilical cord serum therapy in acute ocular chemical burns.

Sharma N, Goel M, Velpandian T, Titiyal JS, Tandon R, Vajpayee RB.Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2011 Feb 25;52(2):1087-92. doi: 10.1167/iovs.09-4170.PMID: 20538982 Clinical Trial.
The parameters evaluated were pain score, size, and area of epithelial defect, extent of limbal ischemia, corneal clarity, and symblepharon formation. …CONCLUSIONS: Umbilical cord serum therapy is more effective than autologous serum eye drops …



Short-Term Sleep Disturbance-Induced Stress Does not Affect Basal Pain Perception, but Does Delay Postsurgical Pain Recovery.

Wang PK, Cao J, Wang H, Liang L, Zhang J, Lutz BM, Shieh KR, Bekker A, Tao YX.J Pain. 2015 Nov;16(11):1186-99. doi: 10.1016/j.jpain.2015.07.006. Epub 2015 Sep 3.PMID: 26342649 Free PMC article.
This short-term REMSD led to stress shown by an increase in swim immobility time, a decrease in sucrose consumption, and an increase in the level of corticosterone in serum. …The latter may be related to the reductions of mu and kappa opioid receptors in the spinal co …



Immunoadsorption plasmapheresis treatment for the recurrent exacerbation of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder with a fluctuating anti-aquaporin-4 antibody level.

Nishimura H, Enokida H, Sakamoto T, Takahashi T, Hayami H, Nakagawa M.J Artif Organs. 2018 Sep;21(3):378-382. doi: 10.1007/s10047-018-1044-3. Epub 2018 Apr 19.PMID: 29675599
A 36-year-old man presented with a reduction of visual acuity (VA) on the right eye (OD) to 20/250. At this reduction of VA OD, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed right optic nerve swelling without cerebral, brainstem, or spinal cord lesions. …Ocular pain …



Comparison of Amniotic Membrane Transplantation and Umbilical Cord Serum in Acute Ocular Chemical Burns: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Sharma N, Singh D, Maharana PK, Kriplani A, Velpandian T, Pandey RM, Vajpayee RB.Am J Ophthalmol. 2016 Aug;168:157-163. doi: 10.1016/j.ajo.2016.05.010. Epub 2016 May 20.PMID: 27210276 Clinical Trial.
PURPOSE: To compare the efficacy of topical umbilical cord serum drops (UCS) and amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT) in acute ocular chemical burns. …UCS has the advantage of faster improvement in corneal clarity, better pain control, and avoidance of s …



[Neuromyelitis optica with high aquaporin-4 expression and positive serum aquaporin-4 autoantibodies].

Báez A, Báez M, Kuchkaryan V, Schoijedman A, Lozano C, Casas Parera I.Medicina (B Aires). 2012;72(2):124-7.PMID: 22522853 Free article. Spanish.
He recovered ambulation but persisted with pain and paroxysmal phenomena (Lhermitte). Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP): P100 left eye 123 ms, right eye without response. …VEP: P100 left eye 124 ms, right eye 128 ms. Brain MRI (FLAIR) disclosed h …



Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder: 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose positron emission tomography findings–case report.

Oyama H, Miwa S, Noda T, Sobajima A, Kito A, Maki H, Hattori K, Wada K.Neurol Med Chir (Tokyo). 2012;52(10):769-73. doi: 10.2176/nmc.52.769.PMID: 23095275 Free article.
A 51-year-old female with a history of rheumatoid arthritis rapidly developed anterior neck pain and paresis in the left upper and lower extremities and right lower extremity, sensory disturbance in the left upper and lower extremities, and bladder and rectal disorder. … …

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