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The COVID pandemic has been tough on everyone. Recently my brother in law had a tragic accident in Belgium where he lives with his wife and their 9 kids (9mo baby, 7 boys, oldest 21 who recently got married and is about to give birth to their first grandchild). He fell off his home’s roof and likely hit his head very hard. He has a fractured neck and is in the ICU. His amazing wife is trying to hold things together as best she can, but it has been hard. She has a strong faith and continue to have a lot of hope.  She has not been able to visit him due to the COVID pandemic risks but continues to pray for a miracle as do all of us.

Please pray with us for Arthur and his family. If you have a couple of dollars to spare and can send them a note on the below page, please, please do. They need the prayers and help.
God bless you for reading this personal post.
Sandy Cremers

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